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A Scene From James Bond Movie Prompted Mexico City to Launch Its Own Parade

Actor Who Played Luca Brasi Was Actually in the Mafia

Both Emilia Clarke and Lena Headey Have Played the Terminator's Sarah Connor

Celine Dion's hit song wasn't originally planned

Chewbacca Needed Protection From Hunters While Filming

People say nothing is impossible,
but you do nothing right now

Heath Ledger Practised the Joker Laugh in a Motel Room for About Six Weeks

In OD Scene John Travolta Is Actually Pulling the Needle out of Uma Thurman's Chest

Jurassic Park Raptors Sound Like Tortoises Mating

Kung Fu Choreographer Woo-Ping Yuen Initially Refused to Work on the Matrix

Release of the Movie None of Us Will Ever See Is Set for 2115

Sci-FI Film Interstellar Led to New Scientific Discovery

Seven Horror Movies Were Inspired by the Same Murderer

The Cat Held by Marlon Brando Was Dropped Into His Lap at the Last Minute

The Hollywood Movie Was a Key to Success of Apollo 13 Rescue Mission

When life gets blurry
adjust your focus

The Matrix's Code Is Made out of Japanese Sushi Recipes

There Were 10,297 Balloons in Up

Toy Story 2 Was Almost Fully Erased in a Matter of Seconds

Yoda's Appearance Was Based on Albert Einstein